Do You Love Online Gaming?

If you love online gaming and classic games, you probably miss going to the arcade like you did when you were a kid. Right now, there are almost no arcades in existence, but that’s changing with the Internet and specifically with our site!

Now, you can play your favorite online games and some new ones on our online gaming website called Now Arcade. At Now Arcade, we have the best selection of arcade games on the web.

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All Sorts of Games to Choose From

We know that everyone has a different interest in online games, so we want to provide the best options for everyone. Below, you will find five main categories that we have with our online games selection, but rest assured that there’s more where this came from as well.

1. Sports Games

Our sports game selection is huge, and you’ll love what you can find here. We have games involving football, basketball, baseball, soccer, billiards and much more. With these games, you can imagine that you are really playing, and you can be your own athletic star!

2. Treasure Hunt Games

Many of our favorite classic arcade games involve hunting for treasure. If this is the type of game that you like, you will love our selection of treasure hunting games. Grab coins and gold bars, make your way through a mystical world, and finally end the game with a huge treasure chest as a prize plus lots of pride that you finished like a champ.

3. Games for Kids

Kids also love our site because we have a huge selection of games that are targeted precisely toward them. These games are slightly easier of course, and they also can be educational if you want them to be.

4. Puzzle Games

Are you a puzzler? If so, you will see immediately that we have a number of amazing and fun puzzle games on our site. From crosswords and word jumbles to Tetris-like games and many others, you’ll never be bored when it comes to our puzzle games section! Each one has its own unique challenges.

Make New Friends on the Site

One of the features that we love the most Now Arcade is that you can easily connect with others who share your gaming interests. If you like, you can play a game against the site itself. But there are also options for playing against other players who are in their homes or on the go as well. And naturally, this is a great way to make friends!

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